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…Even If Pain Meds, Surgery, or Other Providers Have Not Helped

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Are you tired of being told “rest and take pills” by your doctor or are you frustrated with missing workouts and games due to pain or injury?  Are you concerned you might need surgery?  We hear these questions almost everyday with our clients.  Rest assured…we have helped many people with the same fears and questions by helping them make the best decisions about their fitness and health.      

Physical Therapy

Are You Ready To Get Back To The Sports And Activities You Love? Find Out How We Can Get To The Cause And Solution.

Performance Training

Tired Of Underperforming In Your Workouts?  On The Field?  Find Out How We Can Help You Reach Optimal Performance.     

Not sure how we can help? Have questions you would like answered first? Chris would be happy to talk to you first so he can be 100% sure he can help you!   

Want more information about availability and cost before booking an appointment? Fill out this simple form and we’ll be happy to talk to you and determine we’re the best place for you (or not).   

Unsure about physical therapy and what it could do for your athletic problems? You’re not alone.  Fill out this simple form and we’ll set up a time to chat…for free!  

What Is Limiting You?

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Look What Other People Are Saying

"I had the pleasure of working with Chris during our time with the Grand Rapids Drive. I had a multitude of injuries that year (stemming from the off-season), and probably wouldn't have been able to come back and play at all if it had not been for the strengthening/maintenance plans Chris created for me. He was a professional in every sense of the word, and every bit as good at what he does as anyone that I have had the opportunity to work with over the course of my entire basketball career."
Forward Physical Therapy Testimonial #1
Jon Horford
Pro Basketball Player / Former Team Captain University of Michigan
"Chris was highly effective addressing my grade 2 calf strain sustained while training for the Boston Marathon. He guided me through daily workouts spanning the last five weeks prior to race day. Thanks to Chris I was able to train consistently, progressively improve, gain confidence, and complete my race - memories to last a lifetime."
Forward Physical Therapy Testimonial #2
Marc P.
Teacher / Triathlete
"Having played soccer my entire life and at the collegiate level, I've dealt with many injuries and worked with numerous PT's....Chris is the best by far. He actually played sports himself and knows how to get athletes back to performing their best!"
Forward Physical Therapy
Bre W.
Former Collegiate Soccer Player

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